A Heritage Restored  
  1.1 General History (Owner)  

*(picture : Zakariah Malim Sulaiman, Abdul Aziz and wife, Pon Abdullah. Photo taken outside the gopeng house around 1950’s).

This Malay Traditional Yellow Planter’s House (a typical Rumah Perak style, also known as Bumbung Potongan Belanda) was built on a 9 acres of land which was previously a rubber plantation. It was built during the good days of the early 1920 - 30’s when rubber was a booming commodity in Malaya. The original owners, Encik Zakariah bin Malim Sulaiman and Puan Masiah binti Samit, moved to this area from Cukai in 1920’s and grew rubber to earn a decent income.

A large family of 9 people once lived here. Although, it was a relatively small house, however it was located on a lively place with a quiet “Kampung” setting, facing the old trunk road to Ipoh. It has survived many trials and tribulation years of the colonial period, the Second World War, the Japanese occupation, the Merdeka and the Communist era. Masiah, however, passed on in April of 1937 and Zakariah in 1958. Nevertheless, Zakariah did become successful, as a planter and trader and ownedseveral pieces of land around the area.

*(picture : Hari Raya 1951. Photo taken outside the house).
The ‘Rumah Pesaka’ was later inherited by his son Abdul Aziz bin Zakariah (later Tan Sri) in the 60’s. For the next 30 years or so, until his passing on in 1992, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz maintained the house as a retreat or a place to stay whenever he traveled to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur. This house was also his childhood house during mid 1920’s - 1950’s. He was brought up in this house and was the youngest in his family. It was a special place for him and he kept the house as it was originally built.

After his passing in 1992, the house was left unkempt for about 10 years and was deteriorating due to neglect and decay. In 2001, due to a road widening project, from 2 lane to a 4 lane road from Tapah to Ipoh, the house was threatened to be demolished as it was situated very close to the road. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz son, Azim, an Architect decided that it was a worth whiletask to safe this family heritage house. Efforts were made together with University Malaya to do a dilapidated survey in how to save the house. The first task UPM took was to carry out measured drawings of the house plan, elevations and sections. Detail drawings and report were carried out to study the condition of the house. A dilapidated survey was also carried out to record the condition of the house before it was restored.
Terombo Nasution Borotan (MARGA)
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Pre Restoration
The Restoration Process
The Completed House